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Two disabled teenagers looking for a reason to live, team up with a wheelchaired hitman.
This is a meaningful action-comedy of a wheelchair-bound assassin gang. Driven by despair and fear of becoming useless, a 20 year-old boy, his friend, and an ex-fireman offer their services to the mafia. But things are not what they seem. The boundaries between reality and fiction blur and the story becomes a whirling kaleidoscope showing us gangsters and gunfights, but also the challenge of life in a wheelchair and the pain caused by a father's rejection.
Killing dogs and helpless animals for the sake of a movie is inexcusable in my book.<br/><br/>Also there is a LOT of cigarette smoking. Pushing a movie with disabled people with a lot of smoking, it just rolls wrong.<br/><br/>I&#39;m sick of how foreign movies viciously kill animals to save money, and then they get accolades for it. <br/><br/>In order to make sure I have enough words I&#39;d like to point out to U who are looking for a hidden gem in independent movies, &#39;Prometheus Trap&quot; and &#39;Queen to Play&#39;
Movie with a dark twist but very heart warming and soul touching.
There’s a neat final twist up [Attila Till’s] sleeve – and by casting paraplegics, he avoids the easy sentimentality that subjects such as this often invite.

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